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Spiagge di Sirolo, Numana, Marcelli: 8 Km
Sirolo, medieval village, is one of the jewels of the area. It was built around a fortified castle built on a steep cliff above the sea. On Sirolo side.there’s Numana an ancient Piceni port founded in the fifth century B.C. The town is characterized by an historical central part made of narrow lanes that wind among small houses built above the port. Marcelli as well, can wave the Blue Flag. This is a sort of blue clear water and efficient services certificate.

Camerano: 6 Km
We almost know everything of its ancient origins, but you will learn also its secret underground net of paths spread under almost the whole town. They say it's the capital of Rosso Conero red wine, and we can confirm it’s a real mixture of art and nature. Wine, honey, olive oil and lavender represent the tradition of this land.

Castelfidardo: 6 Km
Castelfidardo is world famous for its musical instrument manufactory industry, and in particular accordions, organs and pianos. It takes its name from the ancient castle that was built on the top of this hill. When you enter the town you will see a monument dedicated to the historical battle fought here during the Independence war in 1860.

Amici del Conero Golf Club: 5 Km
The Conero Golf Club is situated in Sirolo at the interior of the Conero Natural Park Its surface of 7 hectares is characterized by the presence of brooms, oaks, cherry trees, strawberry-trees and tamarisks spread all over the 18-holes championship course and the 5-holes executive course.

Gradara: 93 Km
"…Amor, ch'a nullo amato amar perdona, mi prese del costui piacer sì forte, che, come vedi, ancor non m'abbandona…"(Inferno V, 100-107). Verses from Dante’s Hell. Across the centuries musicians, poets, painters and sculptors took their inspiration from the tragedy of Paolo and Francesca and even nowadays their love story is wrapped by a stick mysterious mist. That is the reason why thousands of people are still fascinated by Gradara Castle.

Grotte di Frasassi: 75 Km
"“When the stone started to fall in the deepest dark, speleologists held their breath. The echo of the fall arrived only after a lapse of time that seemed everlasting": it was 27th September 1971 and the Frassasi caves were finally discovered. They are one of the most extraordinary underground natural cave complex of the world.

The Holy Church "Basilica Santa Casa Loreto": 8 Km
The history of the sanctuary dates back to the 13th century (10th December 1294) when the home of the Virgin Mary of Nazareth was brought here in Loreto. The sanctuary is still nowadays one of the most important pilgrimage places in the whole catholic world.

The Muse Theater - Ancona: 19 Km
With its rehearsal rooms, the feast hall and an acoustic setting studied between Tokyo and Bologna, this theatre represents one of the most updated artistic facilities of the centre of Italy. The biggest in the Marche region, that still hosts 78 historical theatres inside its borders.

Offagna: 11 Km
A characteristic medieval town dominated by a wonderful fortress. Offagna is very famous for its medieval feasts organized with the aim of revoke the ancient rivalry between the four quarters of the town. Across one week in summer, the town is transformed in a real medieval village and along its narrow lanes and square you can definitely feel an atmosphere of the past.

Osimo: 7 Km
One of its cultural peculiarity are the caves under the soil of the city centre. They are famous for their width, the architectural variety and the enigmatic bas-reliefs spread in every corner in this magnificent underground labyrinth. Osimo is considered one of the most mysterious places in Italy.

Ancona's Palaindoor: 15,6 Km
Today the Palaindoor represents the only indoor and permanent facility entirely dedicated to athletics. It is the only facility of this kind in Italy and one of the few in the whole Europe. The facility has already begun the reference point for the whole indoor activity of FIDAL (Athletics Italian Federation). This is the only place where, every year, Italian and European indoor championships take place.

Conero Natural Park: 7,5 Km
The Conero Regional Natural Park is a place of rare beauty that was founded in 1987. The aim of its supporters and creators was to protect the large variety of flowers, animals and cultural treasures. At its interior you can find various and different environments, from steep cliffs to sweet and quiet hills characterized by breathtaking landscapes.

Pesaro: 75 Km
Between the hills of colle Ardizio (south-east) and colle S. Bartolo (north-west), at the mouth of the Foglia river, is situated the city of Pesaro. Very important is its Gioacchino Rossini’s museum at the interior of the house where the famous musician was born. The famous theatre built by Pietro Ghinelli, and first open in 1818. Today the theatre is the siege of the Rossini Opera Festival that takes place every year.

Portonovo's Bay: 12 Km
Through a panoramic road among country houses, green fields and hills covered with lavender you reach the fascinating Portonovo bay made of white stones and its two salty small lakes. Besides history lovers will be glad to visit the ancient Romanic church, the De Bosis Tower (a18th century lookout tower). and the Napoleonic Fort.

Recanati: 13 Km
"I fanciulli gridando – su la piazzuola in frotta e qual e là saltando – fanno un lieto romore". Taken from Leopardi’s poem “L’Infinito” This is the home town of the 18th century poet Giacomo Leopardi and the central square is dedicated to its world famous citizen. From this place you can admire the famous quot;l’infinito marchigianoquot; (endless Marche landscape) that inspired the famous poem.

Riviera del Conero: 8 Km
On the coast along the Conero mount you feel like in a sort of world apart. Below the mount that rises steeply and suddenly from the sea there are white stoned beaches and coves, that can be reached with a boat or through adventurous paths, only for the braves! Here among coves, rocks, steep cliffs and pine woods leant at sea even water changes its colour and invites tourists to unforgettable diving tours.

Sferisterio di Macerata: 53 Km
In 1921, for the first time ever, a lyric opera was played. It was a memorable Aida, expressly wanted by Alberto Conti, and gathered people from all the country. From 1967, every summer, the lyric program of the Sferisterio gather more and more people at the interior of this monumental theatre that grants perfect visibility and acoustic .

Senigallia: 45 Km
There are those who try the naturism way, those who brush up their supposed connection to historical personalities and those who organize spectacular events and happenings. The good thing of Senigallia on the contrary is that it doesn’t need anything to be remembered forever. You just need to see its “Velvet Beach” and assist just once to the famous “Summer Jamboree” and you will never forget the time spent in this fantastic town known on an international level.


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